Orangestuff full race brake pads

  • Fast bed in due to factory pre-scorched surfaces
  • Huge friction level
  • Stable at highest temperatures
  • Reduced rotor/disc damage
  • Effective from cold making this material street usable


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The Orangestuff compound has proved to be a great solution for medium/longer duration race use than its famous stable-mate the Yellowstuff brake pad grade which are a great brake pad for Trackday driving.

Users are reminded to follow the bed in instructions below which are unchanged and to realise this is a harder longer lasting material, the hardest in the EBC Brakes range and needs proper bedding to decent and flat discs.


Although a pre scorched pad some bedding in is still advisable.If this were a street legal pad, some earlier driving on the street to fully bed the pads in geometrically to your discs would be good and finish the heat cure in the pad. Steady braking with stops from 60 to 30 MPH for roughly 15 cycles would help a lot for the first bedding followed by 4-6 heavier stops to really get some heat into the pads.The pads MUST be allowed to cool fully preferably overnight.In Race bedding – After fitting to decent condition discs (read note below) , drive two laps at moderate speed, braking intermittently.Then drive two more laps with heavier braking , coasting to a stop and allow pads to fully cool.

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